Tune of the month for the November 2012 session

The next Walthamstow Tune Session at the Nag’s Head will be on Tuesday 13th November, and Ayla has sorted out a tune for us. Just the one but it’s perhaps a bit tricky.

‘Jump At the Sun – a modern jig composed by John Kirkpatrick and usually referred to by him as his ‘greatest hit’. It is indeed extremely popular but often played a lot faster than he plays it. Originally written in Gm, most session players play it in E minor. I have included the notes in both keys – we will aim to play it in E minor but should there be enough people wanting to do it in G minor – we can do both versions (although I won’t be able to lead it in G minor!).

Music (E minor)

Music (G minor)


And if you want to see John Kirkpatrick play his version and can wait nigh on 8 minutes – it’s at the end of this set

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