Tune of the month for the December 2012 Session

The next Walthamstow Tune Session at the Nag’s Head will be on Tuesday 11th December, and Ayla has sorted out a tune for us.

Serpentiner och Konfetti – a Swedish schottische composed by Mats Eden (www.matseden.se). Played by quite a few bands but notably by the Committee Band, it’s now very popular in English sessions.
Fiddler Laurel Swift has recently taught it during her Ealing class and has handily uploaded some dots and a video (nice slow pace) on her teaching blog
You can also see the composer play it at dance speed on Youtube.

As usual, the sound clips and printed music links aim to give a feeling for how these tunes are currently played in sessions, but they don’t of course represent one ‘correct’ way of playing these tunes


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